Sunday, 1 November 2015

Well, here we are again. Another six weeks slip by like mucus down the throat of a flu sufferer, so what's new in my dark and dingy Islamophobic cave? Well, first up, I was heartened to read that most learned and august chronicle of truth and righteousness (or should that be lefteousness?) The Morning Star is up in arms about the millions of innocent Muslims in Rotherham who are going to "boycott South Yorkshire Police" over the apparent demonisation of the Muslim community in the town. Remember the Muslim 'community'? C'mon, you must do - this was the 'community' who looked the other way when thousands of already damaged teenage white girls suffered even more damage at the hands (and God knows what else) of some of Allah's finest

I wonder what boycotting South Yorkshire police actually entails? Maybe if a Muslim is caught with his hand in the till, or another part of his anatomy in something else that where it has no right to be, the culprit will simply say to the arresting officer, "Nah, mate - yer out of order. We're boycotting you blokes, innit?"

Or maybe if those terribly educated and scholarly fellows from Britain First decide they want to make their point by spraying the door of the Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr mosque with pigs' blood, the local worshippers will turn police investigators away, on the grounds that the Boys In Blue are currently "boycotted" by Rotherham Muslims. Remind me to take out a Fatwah against any police force within 100 miles of Wisbech, so I can reject their speeding tickets on the grounds that it offends my religious sensibilities.

On to happier matters. I hope that you shared my joy, bordering on delirium, when I learned that one of my childhood heroes, Shaker Aamer, has been released after 14 long years in detention at Guantanamo Bay.

Imagine the scene - there he was, happily going about his philanthrophic business (yes, really) in Afghanistan (as you do) and then those nasty Americans come along and drag him off to a prison camp, for no other reason than that he had been in the employ of the late lamented Osam Bin Laden (Peace Be Upon Him). Well, Shaker will certainly get his revenge on we infidels. Not only did he arrive back 'home' (he was born in Saudi Arabia) in a private jet, he will probably be in for compensation of around £1000,000. Then, because he is deemed a threat to security, he will be monitored day and night, at vast expense, by British security. Personally, to be held without trial is damned bad form, if you ask me. You have to remember that the nasty infidels who met their end on 7 July 2005, and those frightful cads Lee Rigby and Alan Henning, all were afforded the most rigorous and painstaking Islamic jurisprudence.  

One of my terribly politically incorrect friends posted an inflammatory photograph on social media recently. It claimed to show a bunch of Islamic chaps and their offspring, demanding beheading as the only fit reward for anyone who dares criticise Islam. I gave them a right mouthful, as you may imagine, and explained that this was only enthusiastic rhetoric, and was not to be taken literally.

Imagine my disgust, when someone, quite disgracefully, replied with this post, purporting to show a happy Islamic chap, gleefully holding his infant over the headless corpse of an unbeliever. And as for the other cove helping his little son hone his dribbling skills with the head of one of those vile Shia sorts....? Well, he got short shrift from me, as you can well imagine. Has he not heard of Photoshop?