Tuesday, 26 June 2012

APOLOGIES TO MY SMALL, BUT LOYAL AND DISCERNING READERS, for a long absence. Holidays and other writing commitments are my excuse. I return with a quiz called SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW WISBECH? Technology at Communityforum Towers does not extend to this being interactive online, so I suggest you take a pencil and paper, and then you can check your answers via another link at the end. Some of the photos have appeared earlier in this blog.

  QUESTION 1. Where is this plaque to be found?

QUESTION 2. "I see Dead People..." but where..?

 QUESTION 3. "They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old.." A little way out of town, but where..?

QUESTION 4. Again, a short drive away, but an hidden eighteenth century gem.

QUESTION 5. What was this built for, and where is it?

 QUESTION 6. Where is this date mark?

QUESTION 7. What was this, and where is it to be found?

QUESTION 8. Where are these signs?

QUESTION 9. This photo has been doctored to avoid being too obvious, but where can you see it?

QUESTION 10.  What was this, and where is it?

QUESTION 11. Where is this old chapel?

QUESTION 12. Where is this old house?

QUESTION 13. A short drive out of town, but what was this and where does it stand? 

QUESTION 14. Where is this?

QUESTION 15. Where is this?

QUESTION 16. A sign of former glory - where?

QUESTION 17. From the start of the Great War. Where is this plaque?

QUESTION 18. The gate to an abandoned garden. Where is it?

QUESTION 19. Photoshopped to cover the sign, but where is it?

QUESTION 20. All that remains of....what?

                              YOU CAN FIND THE ANSWERS HERE 

                                   PICKWICK'S OFSTED RATINGS 

20 - 17   You are true Wizbekistani, or a cheating toe-rag
16-12     Enough knowledge to be a Town Councillor (or then again.....)
11-8       You need to get out more
7-4        Does your white stick need polishing?
3 -0       Do you enjoy life in Spalding?